Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday Supper at Six Burner

Even the unemployed can afford twenty bucks for a three-course meal so I met up with my beer geek buddy for their Sunday Supper.

I knew how wonderful these meals were but my friend was bowled over by the sheer amounts of well-prepared food that arrived.

We began with the Pork Pate with grainy mustard and cornichons.

Since everything is served family style, this appetizer arrived on a platter with six (six!) perfectly toasted baguette slices, each with a generous slab of pork pate, a sprinkling of micro-greens and a slice of cornichon.

The pate was divine and while I had to limit myself to only 1 1/2 pieces to leave room for the entree, my grateful friend scarfed up the remaining deliciousness.

Next came a turkey sized platter with scallops in butter, grilled asparagus, Romano beans and polenta.

You get to choose two side dishes to go with your entree and we were given a bonus third.

The scallops were perfectly cooked and both green veggies provided a crispy contrast to the soft richness of the scallops.

The polenta was the creamy goodness that we used to envelop the other three.

Again, I ate what I could and left the rest for my friend who kept crowing about how generous the portions were.

Dessert was lemon pound cake with a whole strawberry sauce and whipped cream.

The cake was as buttery as it was lemony and the perfect foil to the lightly cooked strawberries.

 It was so good, I didn't even notice the absence of chocolate, my usual dessert suspect.

All of this was accompanied by a 2007 Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc I had chosen before my friend arrived (yes, I have a sentimental attachment to South African wines, but given their quality and price, why not?). 

Luckily, he approved of my choice (yea, yea, ripe fruit, crisp acid, fresh cut grass) and we worked that bottle right down.

I don't know what you usually do on the first Sunday of the month for dinner (this month's was on the second Sunday due to Broad Appetit last week), but Six Burner's superb offering is definitely worth checking out.

The staff teases me because I bring a different friend every time.

Go ahead make fun of me, but I want everyone to know about this great deal so it won't go away.

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