Saturday, June 13, 2009

Second Saturdays Artwalk on Broad

I'm ashamed to say I didn't know about Second Saturdays on Broad...and I live right in the neighborhood. Basically, it's a second chance to catch the First Fridays Artwalk exhibitions if you were otherwise occupied on that Friday (I was at the Decemberists show).

I knew I wanted to see the Richmond Illustrators show at Ghostprint Gallery, which was just excellent. The illustrations ran the gamut stylistically and many had quite reasonable prices attached to them. I also checked out shows at Quirk, ADA, Visual Arts and Thanky Space. I even got a chance to stop by Gallery 5's yard sale and picked up a couple things to help support the very worthy cause that is G5. That stop gave me a chance to volunteer to help with clean up and taking the remains of the stuff to Diversity Thrift for donation tomorrow.

As I ran into people I knew and others I had the pleasure to meet this afternoon, it became clear that there are plenty of people who are busy on First Fridays but don't want to miss seeing what's new in the galleries every month. Hopefully the Arts District will get the word out to the community so that more people can take advantage of a free Saturday afternoon to peruse the latest art. And if you need further incentive, parking is a snap on Saturdays down here, Lift and Tarrants are open and serving and it's a great opportunity to check out the neighborhood in daylight. Jackson Ward's architecture alone is worth an afternoon's stroll, IMHO.

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