Friday, June 12, 2009

Of Pheasant, Phone Numbers and Gay RVA

Yesterday was full of randomness for me. First I got invited to the Jenny Lewis show at the sold out 930 club. No thanks, I've had enough Jenny Lewis to last me a long, long time.

Went to Lift for lunch and ran into a bartender friend I hadn't seen in a while...who then asked if I'd be interested in meeting for lunch (so I passed on my number). While I was eating, a musician I had interviewed last summer spotted me and came over to catch up (turns out her husband is laid off, too) and got my number.

Walking home from lunch, I said hello to a guy sitting on his front steps. He was still looking for the "good" in the morning, he said. When I told him I'd been laid off since December, he bested me by telling me he was laid off last October. He's in the audio/video industry, so when he heard what I had been doing, insisted on getting my number so he could pass on some contracting work for local music shows. Sweet.

Dinner was Bistro 27 with the most amazing pheasant ravioli in a sage-butter sauce. It was so soul-satisfyingly good I didn't have room for dessert and for me, that's saying something.

Finished up at the Gay RVA LAunch party at New York Deli where my hard-working friend Scott was making the rounds. Scott is the organizer for the upcoming Richmond AIDS walk and he and I have spent plenty of time sharing stories about unemployment, men and life. We decided that next up is an afternoon at the river with much wine and lots more conversation.

I am not a phone person, have always hated to talk on the phone and used to avoid it like the plague. I have now shared my number with four people in the last 24 hours. Maybe I've become more of a phone person than I realized. call me why don't you?

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