Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'd Return to Cookie Mountain

I had been warned not to see TV on the Radio live; friends who've seen them said they disappoint in concert. Maybe this is just a ruse to keep more people from joining the audience at TVotR shows, but last night's show at the National delivered everything I was hoping for: arty, soulful, innovative music falling squarely into that post-punk sound of which I, personally, am so fond. Layer in some afro-beat rhythms and you have the recipe for a perfect evening of sound.

The band is far more integrated than the audience was. Considering some of the musical influences of TVotR (Stevie Wonder, reggae, Talking Heads, Prince) it would have been nice to see the kind of racial mix that I've seen at Prince shows. Even when the lyrics are profound and pointed, TVotR's music begs the audience to dance or, at the very least, move. We did.

I had a great time at the show, serendipitously sandwiching myself between two music lovers (one of whom asked for my number...!) so we could discuss the opener, Dirty Projectors (all those beautiful vocals, that intricate sound!) and the resurgence of 60s-influenced folk music that's so big right now. Between the excellent conversation and the stellar show, I now have to go back and question the friends who warned me against attending this show. Or maybe I just want to rub it in that they missed something really good...

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