Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hear the Whistling

Sometimes we're so flippin' Mayberry you have to just embrace the charm.

Christmas shopping in Carytown Saturday, I'd spotted a find on Chop Suey's dollar book table, but because I was out on my walk at the time, I had zero ducats with me. Only problem is you can't get dollar books with plastic. It's cash money only.

Behind the counter, owner Ward had told me to take the book and pay me the dollar next time I saw him. Unwilling to wait for that eventuality, I head over there on my walk today, strolling through the deserted Fan and marveling at how everything already feels so holiday-like with few cars between the holiday-themed red and green lights and even fewer people on the streets.

But inside Chop Suey, things are lively with late shoppers, so I sidle up to the register and extend a one dollar bill in the general direction of Ward. Without missing a beat, he remembers why I'm there.

Thank you, he tells me enthusiastically before I have time to say the same to him. We exchange sincere wishes for happy holidays.

How many shopkeepers would be so trusting, even on a small purchase? I feel like I've just stopped by Bedford Falls on Christmas Eve. Hot dog!

Richmond may not be a small town, but we've been known to play one awfully convincingly. I'm a sucker for a good charm offensive.

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