Saturday, December 12, 2015

A History of Her Own

Random Friday thoughts, in no particular order.

That moment  when you hear a DJ say, "A love song like no other," before she plays Modern English's "Melt With You," a sentiment I agree with and a song I've danced to probably more than any other.  The subsequent moment when she identifies herself and you realize you used to know her and that you've danced to that song with her.

A disco nap from 7-8 under a new-to-me comforter. I've never thought of myself as the floral type, but I'm flexible.

No judging. None. So what if a 30-something I know tells me he's to the point where he buys only subsequent albums of bands he already knows? "The kids" - his terminology for his younger tech startup co-workers - know all the new stuff, he claims, but it's already too much for him to keep up with. As recently as 2008, he had told me his best show ever was Daft Punk in Paris and now he's abandoned new music to the kids. I don't need to be concerned, right?

Hey, lady! How you? Doing anything this evening? My friend asked about you ;)

Two more examples of Richmond's cool:
1) Like any top ten museum in the country, the VMFA has a bar overlooking the sculpture garden. For the win, ours also has an absinthe drip because this taxpayer thinks green fairies should live in museums. #itsyourart #itsyourbar
2) Because there was a period when you could "check out" a musical suitcase and follow a map to listen to pre-recorded music at the sites for which it was written.
Read that again. You could check out a suitcase of original site-specific music.
Those list-makers don't know the half of it.

Discovering that there's a full moon Christmas night, making for a marvelous night to be in the sky.

You never know what people appreciate about you unless they tell you, so I'm thrilled to receive a missive thanking me for producing clementines, being called out, sharing navigational secrets and shooting. Of particular note, I'm not sure I've ever been appreciated for urging before.

Early scuttlebutt about the Elbys, none good. Elbys en Blanc? More like en Beige.

Could it be true? A meme explains how much of an asshole your astrological sign makes you. Tell me, is it post-modern when "What's your sign?" becomes "What's your asshole quotient?"?
Cancer: either 1% or 100%. There is no in between.
Libras 98292%.
Pisces -400%.
Leo 65%.
Virgo 64%.
Gemini 0%. SURPRISE.
I especially like that the list maker felt compelled to put SURPRISE next to my sign's 0%. We are probably annoying in many ways, but not as full-fledged assholes, it seems.

Is there anything more eye-catching than a guy in a black "America Online" jacket listening to "Stand by Me" set to strobe lights?

Listening to an extended clip on public radio of Prince playing a medley of his songs in Paris last year. Those two times I saw him in the '90s will never last me until I die.

The power of shorts on a sunny December day. "How you doin', baby girl?" from a stranger who's most likely a leg man and definitely born after I was.

DIY goes digital. A handwritten note on lined paper tied to a tree instructing the finder to photograph and post it, then move it for someone else to find. Do you see how adorable this town is?

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