Sunday, December 6, 2015

Forest for the Trees

Tip: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius are not hint takers. These are the straight forward signs. You have feelings for them? Speak up. They did something that upset you? Speak up. These signs don't like passive aggressiveness or mind games. They do not want to beat around the bush. Speak up.

So posted a friend today, along with the comment: If you wish to ever communicate efficiently with me...

A word to the wise, in other words. Because I am a Gemini, I stopped to consider the veracity of this theory he posted.

It's true, I miss some key information when it's not delivered outright to me and I'm a smart woman, so that's not it. Statements register so much more clearly to me than hints.

And, yes, please, tell me when I've upset you, disappointed you, or frustrated you, as well as when I have greens in or lipstick on my teeth.

On the trip with my sisters last month, I was inadvertently rude to sister #6 when she spoke to me just after #3 had upset me. I didn't even realize how I'd sounded until she told me the next day on the phone, mortifying me into writing her an apology, for which she was sincerely grateful.

I would hate to think of her hurt feelings festering had she not been honest with her dense older sister.

When a stranger told me tonight that she was a hairstylist and loved my haircut, I thanked her, sharing that I cut it myself because a boyfriend once told me flat out to stop doing what I was doing to it before. "Did you get rid of him?" she asked rhetorically.

Are you kidding, honey? I'd never gotten so many compliments on my hair in my life until he was frank with me. He spoke up; I appreciated it, and, win/win, I reaped the benefits.

Tell it to me straight. If she's an Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius, she'll learn.

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