Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Replacement

I gotta give Church Hill props.

My photographer friend and I had plans to meet at Proper Pie and when they weren't open, we headed a few blocks further to eat instead.

Remember when the Church Hill choices used to be A or B for lunch?

Anthony's on the Hill welcomed us in with "Papa Was a Rolling Stone," a friendly server in the most beautiful red lipstick and a lunch menu of sandwiches, salads and pizza.

Everyone else eating there was male and seemed to be going for pizza.

Friends and I took the front window table just in time to see a guy walking a beagle go by, so the view was good.

The front door of the restaurant is so heavily weather-stripped that it took a concerted effort to close it, which most people coming and going didn't bother to do.

Every time I felt that cold, damp air across my fuchsia legs, I'd dutifully get up and close the door properly.

I didn't mind; it was worth it for the warmth (which Friend was getting from his Rostov's coffee, or as he out it, "Adding some blood to the coffee in my veins").

Looking at the menu, Friend and I decided we wanted the same thing: the Italian.

Only difference was he wanted his hot and I wanted mine cold.

The way I see it, an Italian is enough without adding in heat, too.

I liked that the sandwiches came with a small salad dressed in balsamic, although my friend found it unimpressive.

The sandwiches, though, were excellent - full of quality cold cuts, roasted red pepper and a generous serving of Provolone.

As we sat there eating, more customers came in and left the door open.

When I went to get up to close it, I felt a hand on my shoulder and the owner insisted that he'd take care of it.

I was too full for dessert, but Friend couldn't resist the cannoli and even offered me a bite as we sat there lingering over a fine lunch.

Then the beagle and his person returned and I headed outside to say hello to Townes, a velvety soft beagle who seemed to be enjoying the rainy day.

When I got back to the table, my friend said that Townes had looked longingly at me when I walked away.

It's good to be missed.

And sometimes it's good to miss out on your first choice when the replacement turns out to be so pleasurable.

Props, Anthony.

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