Monday, November 26, 2012

Low Times and Buttery Fingers

Top five reasons to go to the Byrd on the last night of the Thanksgiving holiday?

In line buying tickets, a woman behind me says to her friend, "Oh, shoot! I forgot to bring my coupon." Really, you need a coupon for a $1.99 ticket? I will never think of myself as dirt poor again.

Sure, Bowtie lets you butter your own popcorn, but the girls behind the concession counter at the Byrd are my butter surrogates. When they ask if I want butter, I say "Yes, a lot" and easily the bottom inch of the popcorn bucket is liquid. Disgusting and delicious.

Although I've been out every night this week, the usual crowds have definitely been way down. Even so, the Byrd had a good-sized crowd for a Sunday evening. Groups, couples, old, young, it's a nicely diverse crowd.

Despite a decent crowd already in place when we walk in, we find good seats in the middle of a center row, making sure we're not in front of anyone's view. Two minutes later a group of teenagers arrive and plop themselves directly in front of us. Rows of empty seats abound but they have to sit right in front of me. And I'm short.

Passing Time
I admit it, I had no intention of seeing "The Odd Life of Timothy Green." I'm not a fan of mainstream Hollywood movies. I'd always prefer subtlety to heavy-handed scripts and acting. I don't approve of children portrayed as little adults, spouting things children never say. And don't get me started on a film that depicts children as ways to demonstrate their parents' accomplishments.

That said, the driving rain scene where Timothy is born from the garden had the most realistic sounding rain sounds enveloping us on all sides. It was almost as good as being inside during a real rainstorm.

Best of all, I am supporting a local business.

Hell, that alone is a good enough reason.

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