Friday, October 14, 2011

Sticky Fingers

When my Church Hill-living friends rave about their neighborhood, I nod.

And then there's the but...

My passion for Jackson Ward aside, I couldn't live in a neighborhood with so few restaurants.

And yet after last night's kick-ass meal at the Roosevelt, I was right back on the Hill for lunch today at OMG Cafe.

And frankly, OMG. The menu was well-priced, with everything from a bologna burger to curry chicken with palm-rolled dumplings and steamed cabbage.

Tempting as they both were, I went straight for the OMG chicken and waffle with blueberries, as did my friend.

I figured they must be good because the mother and two sons at the next table had all ordered them, too.

When the youngest boy's plate was delivered before his mother's, he wasted no time in folding his hands and saying grace, not about to wait for her food to arrive to dig into his own.

His t-shirt said "Blame My Sister" but I'd be inclined to blame the chicken and waffles.

My friend and I both liked the sleek interior with its ten-seat bar, four high two-tops and back table done in green, silver and black.

I was especially enamored of the music which began with Marsha Ambrosius' soulful song stylings and segued into Evelyn "Champagne" King.

There is a particular high unlike any other when you are eating fried chicken with your syrup-sticky fingers and "Love Come Down" comes on the sound system at just the right volume.

My friend's grin was as satisfied as mine. "I haven't heard this song in forever," he agreed.

OMG, now I want to go back and order the lake trout sandwich and see what comes on the stereo with that.

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