Saturday, October 15, 2011

Crashing on Memory Lane

Mortality makes for get-togethers.

Meaning that because my Mom had a heart attack a few months ago, one of my sisters decided to organize a luncheon with all six daughters and my parents.

No husbands (as if!) or children, just the original family unit.

And it was delightful because when you have six sisters who all live in another state, gatherings of the group are few and far between.

So we had a lovely meal and, because of our family history (a different dessert every night growing up), we had three desserts today.

Italian shortbread cookies with chocolate ganache filling, a chocolate cake made by my Mom and Georgetown cupcakes.

Yes, one of my sisters actually stood in the block-long line for the sake of the D.C. standard in cupcakes.

Better her than me.

After a leisurely lunch, we adjourned to watch an old VHS tape from the day my parents moved from just outside DC to the Northern Neck.

Seeing rooms I hadn't seen in 25 years was a hoot.

When we got to shots of the family room, my sisters were tossing around memories of teen-age parties held there.

"Well, except for you, Karen, " Sister #3 said. "You didn't have enough friends to have a party."


True, but only a sister would feel the need to point out such a thing.

But that's what family get-togethers are for, right?

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