Saturday, October 8, 2011

Read My 'Zine

The Richmond 'Zine Fest is really just one big group art show, just not at a gallery.

But it's the humor that attracts someone like me.

A girl who worked for nine months in a vegan bakery turned her experiences and the recipes into "Bake and Destroy."

"I Love Bad Movies" came in various versions (sci-fi, romance) from a guy who can't get enough crappy cinema.

His girlfriend did a 'zine about the best and worst things written to her on Craigslist when she was doing online dating there.

Interestingly, that's how she'd met the movie-obsessed boyfriend and, indeed, one of his quotes was in the "best" section.

He allowed for how poorly he had handled the online dating thing, saying, "I can't believe I told girls I made a movie about hot dogs. That's the kind of thing you save for once they know you."

I have to agree with him there.

The artist who wrote "Naked People and Bears in Peculiar Situations" was hard at work on a drawing when I walked up, but stopped and handed me his card.

"Here, have a mustache," he said with a smile.

And there was a black moustache on the back side of his business card. Should I want to be de Fuhrer for Halloween, I'm all set.

"My Every Single Thought" was not, as I expected, about endless ruminations, but about thoughts on the single life.

I could write that 'zine but I won't.

There were more artsy endeavors too, like the photographer who copied a series of pieces of Super 8 film in a 'zine that showed the process of a girl's eyes opening.

Or the guy whose recent gallery show images had been gathered in a glossy publication he labeled. "pretentious art book $20."

I talked to the people at almost every table finding passionate artists and writers who produce publications that told me what was on their minds.

Since I can't draw and even my cut and paste skills leave a lot to be desired, this blog will probably be the closest thing to a 'zine I can manage.

And it's far from my every single thought.

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  1. Hey Karen,

    Thanks for chatting with us about bad movies and awkward e-mail dating! Glad you got as much of a kick out of the Richmond Zine Fest as we did. See you next year!