Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hip and Hoppy J-Ward

It's old news how much I love Jackson Ward, especially with every new addition to the coolness factor.

Today that meant suggesting a friend take a walk with me so we could check out the new Hoppy Dog Market that opened yesterday.

Since it's barely four blocks from my house, we walked around first or it wouldn't have been much of a walk.

A quick stop at the ATM turned into a reminder of why I never go into banks anymore when it wouldn't accept my deposit.

Inside I ended up in line behind the one girl turning in her life savings in the form of rolled coins.

I don't know who was more peeved, the teller or me.

Deposit done, we made straight for the Hoppy Dog to see what a person can score there.

Beer, lots of well-chosen beer is the easy answer. My suds-loving friends are going to be thrilled with the selection.

But they had wine, too, and Flour Garden baguettes and great big cinnamon rolls. Wisely, Tall Bike coffee. Local goat cheese logs offered an array of creatively flavored cheeses for $4.50.

I was tickled to see my friend Cy's honey in two sizes; his Bearer Farms seems to be the local standard for superb honey.

Virginia Diner nuts and peanut butter reminded me of meals eaten at that vintage spot during trips to and from the beach.

But it wasn't just about what they carried, it was the vibe of belonging to the neighborhood.

The guy who lives over the shop likes to play his piano with the windows open. My friends who live in the Emrick Flats have the equivalent of the best beer refrigerator in town right next door.

Hoppy Dog's owners live in the 'hood. I've known him for years because he's a talented drummer who introduced me to his better half when we ran into each other strolling First Fridays (without having to park first, ha!).

We like to keep it local in Jackson Ward, but if you're not lucky enough to live here, I'd still suggest you check out the H-Dog.

Just have the courtesy to leave the last cinnamon roll for a J-Ward neighbor.

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