Friday, September 10, 2010

Smartasses Abound

Tiny sign at face level on a shop window near Broad and Laurel:
"DON'T COME IN! Pressing your nose against the glass is the best way to see what's inside."
Sarcasm as marketing tool.

Around a scattered mess of french fries on the Grace Street sidewalk, someone has drawn a pink circle in chalk and written "Cry for the fries."
Empathy for the death of a late night snack.

Walking down Hell block, a guy shouts at me, "Girl, you walk your ass off every day!"
"Not trying to walk it off, just walk it better," I yell back.
"It's already f**king great. Maybe you better stop!" he advises.
Stop? And miss out on daily pleasure like these?

No time soon.


  1. Welcome back!

    Doing my part to keep the internets clean and know, trying to be a fucking unobjectionable blogger.