Thursday, September 2, 2010

BLTs and Fishnets

With all kinds of stuff going on this morning and afternoon, I had limited time for lunch, so I ducked into Lamplighter for a quick sandwich.

And wouldn't you just know I'd get sucked in by the art on the walls?

It took me forever to decide on a sandwich because everything on the menu looked so good to me, but when I got to that very last choice, I knew that was it.

The Quilt is a woven bacon BLT with garlic aioli and fresh greens.

I am a devoted BLT fan even though I've never been able to eat one without tearing up the inside of my mouth.

I'm not quite sure what that's about, but it always happens.

But I am not a mayo fan. It's not about health, either.

I just don't care for the taste.

I've even made mayo from scratch and that was only marginally tastier.

But garlic aioli? Oh, I can do some aioli.

And once you start weaving bacon, you've got it coming and going in both directions.

Upping the bacon quotient always sits well with me.

Likewise, there's not much I don't think is improved by the addition of red onions.

So this truly was a BLT designed for my taste.

And it was very, very good for all the above-mentioned reasons, not to mention large and satisfying.

For my side dish, I got the cucumber salad, consisting of cukes and red onions marinated and tangy.

It was while I was waiting for my sandwich that I noticed the art on the walls.

They were vintage photograph copies on wood and embellished with bits of mostly black ribbon, lace and other decorative bits of fabric.

Many featured old photos of actresses like Jean Harlow, Jane Fonda, Ursula Andress, and Mae West as well as some anonymous women from images used in girly magazines.

Some photographs were credited; others weren't.

These black and white photos were given an even more retro look by the way the were glazed and framed.

Naturally I fell in love with "American Fishnet Tights," by Fernand Fossagrive from 1959.

The image of a woman's lower body in seamed fishnets, laying down and with her legs filling the foreground obliterated the rest of her body.

All you saw was legs.

I fell in love with it, I think, because I could relate to it.

Come on, they're just legs...but just you watch.

I'll end up going back to buy it.


  1. It's almost fishnet season AGAIN!!!
    or is it always fishnet season?

  2. No, not always. My fishnet season runs mid-October through April, so it's just around the corner.

    And as much as I love all my 'nets, nothing beats bare legs!