Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not Ruing the Roe

So it's National Women's Health and Fitness Day and what did this woman do to observe said obscure holiday?

Well, let's see. I didn't walk because it was raining, pouring actually. I didn't work out because I was at the beach. I didn't even take my vitamin, come to think of it, because I forgot (late night, unnecessarily early morning, but I won't mention names).

What I did instead was enjoy a late breakfast at the Nags Head Pier where I inhaled a large plate of eggs scrambled with herring roe (my first), fried potatoes and a hot biscuit half slathered with butter, the other half with strawberry jam. I did drink a glass of orange juice, if that makes it any better.

Meanwhile, the rain and waves were splashing on the pier windows the whole time, making us feel like we were in the center of the storm. It was actually pretty cool.

My Richmond grandmother was right. I am going to hell in a hand basket.

My Washington, D.C. grandmother was right, too. I'll be perfectly at home there.

Both would have been pleased that I had herring roe for breakfast.