Friday, September 3, 2010

Acacia Awesomeness al Fresco

It's been over three months since Acacia had done one of their "too good to be true" bagged lunches, so I didn't even have to think about it for a nanosecond before reserving two bags, one for me and one for a friend for today's offering. Scuffletown Park, here we come. The cooler day and gray sky were a bonus for our al fresco eating plans.

I still had fond memories of that last bagged lunch of soft-shelled crabs, here. back in May, anticipating, as it did, the summer ahead. Now, on an overcast day just before Labor Day weekend and with autumn (unfortunately) breathing down our necks, Dale was doing brats for lunch.

The menu included house made bratwurst with braised red cabbage, slathered with Acacia mustard, all on a house made pretzel roll. House made brats alone would have been enough, but with that wonderful sweet cabbage and shiny pretzel roll, it had every element necessary for the ultimate taste combination.

And, like last time, and probably even more important this time given the sandwich, Miller High Life pony bottles were available to complement the meal. Beer and brats, they're like yin and yang, right?

For the side dish, Dale had made the best potato salad I've had in my entire life (it wasn't just me; my friend enthusiastically agreed). The combination of skin-on new potatoes, bacon, green onion, fennel seed, grainy mustard and sherry vinaigrette made us both wish we had a quart of this stuff to take home and stash in the fridge for later. Of course, me being the non-fan of mayo that I am, a potato salad like this one was tailor-made for my taste.

Dessert was a tartlet cookie, sweet but not overly so and the loveliest way to wrap up such a savory meal. A $10 meal, by the way, and that even included tax.

My sincere hope is that I don't have to wait three plus months for another bagged lunch from Acacia. I will, make no mistake, but I wouldn't mind a monthly bag. Or would that be just too good to be true?

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