Thursday, April 8, 2010

Northside Noshing

What happens when two grammarians eat lunch together at Northside Grill?

They really do discuss split infinitives and the misuse of adjectives as adverbs.

What happens when two oldest children eat there? They discuss how vastly different their personalities are from their younger siblings.

What happens when two...never mind.

I've discovered a Census buddy who, because he has a wife who does the same, appreciates my smart mouth.

Who continues to dish it out because inevitably I dish it back.

In between counting dorm residents at VUU today, we slipped out to Northside Grill, just down Brook Road, for lunch.

He'd never been, but after first suggesting Great Wraps, I had to let him in on a little secret about myself; I don't eat at chain restaurants.

So I suggested a local alternative and we were off in my pollen-covered car.

My spinach salad was made better with the addition of goat cheese and cucumbers in addition to the standard hard-cooked egg and bacon.

He got a club sandwich which impressed him so much that he started hurling superlatives.

"I know it's hard to mess up a club sandwich, but this is the best one I've ever had." High praise from a new customer.

He told me that the only thing his wife misses about being married is the ability to flirt.

He said she's one of those women who can talk to strangers and come away fifteen minute later knowing their life story.

The same has been said about me on far too many occasions.

So, let's see, I know his religion, his church-going choice (not the same), his former weight and current weight, his childhood nerd habits, his music taste (duh), his birth order, his health issues and his cousin's sexual preferences.

And obviously, I discerned his taste in women, whether as friends, co-workers or partners: smart, sassy and quick with a quip.

Now that I think about it, that sounds like the ideal guy, long as they're not married.

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