Friday, April 23, 2010

The Beagle Has Ended

My long-time companion (more than fourteen years) and charming wingman has left J-Ward for the last time.

This is the beagle who accompanied me throughout the 'hood, winning us both friends and admirers.

He's also the one who befriended every single person I ever invited to my apartment.

At the beach, one of his favorite places on earth, he would sleep in the room with my various guests, disarming them to the point that when I finally got up the two of them had already been out for a walk while I snoozed.

His health had been steadily deteriorating since March last year and in the past six months or so, he was having trouble seeing and hearing.

He's always loved snow, but the three big storms we had this year were tough for him,

We still walked, but he was no longer able to frolic like he used to.

But it was really the last couple of months that told me what I needed to know.

He no longer wanted to go for walks and for a dog who liked nothing better, I knew he had to be feeling his age.

Even so, it's an unbearably difficult decision to make to say "It's time."

So the beagle who loved Jackson Ward as much as I do will be absent from its brick-lined sidewalks and Abner Clay Park.

His devotion to me was a thing of beauty especially considering how allergic I am to dogs.

Over the past year and all its difficulties, he had become my constant companion, something I badly needed.

My only consolation is knowing that I won't be the only person who notices the absence of the charming J-Ward beagle.

Farewell, my lifesaver.


  1. I truely believe that dogs are just humans in disguise, but oh so much better humans than most of us are. I know he will be missed.

  2. Something must of gone terribly wrong these last few days for you to make your decision.
    My deepest sympathies and beagle love.
    I was hoping for just one more walk on the beach with the Spark.
    He will be missed,

  3. I just read your blog. I am so sorry to hear about Sparky. He, like my Taz, was there through all the heartache and misery that we both had gone through. I think they were our little angels, looking out for us. It was a very unselfish act to put him before yourself and to let him slip peacefully away. I know you will be heartsick but hopefully you will remember all the fun you had with him.

  4. Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the passing of your loyal
    companion. Having been in that position I know how difficult it can be. No
    matter what some may say, time will not make it better, but time will bring back
    good memories that just might stir a smile or two. And each smile will make you
    appreciate all the more the special relationship you had.

  5. I can't tell you how sad I am about Sparky. He was such a great dog. Having been thru it I know what you are going thru. It's devastating. The crying will probably continue for awhile. It took a long time for me to cry it all out. I'm truly sorry.....

  6. So sorry about Sparky. That is always one of life's toughest decisions and it never really goes away.

  7. I was saddened to read about Sparky in the blog. I thought of him after we parted the other day. I wanted to tell you when the time came to let me know, and I would go with for moral support.

  8. I’m so sorry and know how horrible a feeling it is. There’s a special connection to dogs that we don’t have with people and I know you were very close to Sparky. I hope you are doing OK.

  9. Your post about losing your beloved beagle was a shock, even though I remember you'd said he was showing his age. I'm sure it is hard to adjust to the major change in your household and I am sorry for your loss. He must have been a sweetie and it was reassuring to see the fond comments and memories from your fans and friends. You gave him a good life, clearly.

    Take care, keep writing! We are LOVING your column for Belle.

  10. Sorry this is so belated but heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beloved Sparky.

    Our 11 1/2 golden retriever's health has been failing lately and I remind myself--each day with her is a gift.

    Sparky is at the Rainbow Bridge and one day a long time from now you will be reunited. The following was sent to us when we lost our first golden Murphy. Hopefully it will give you comfort too!