Saturday, February 26, 2011

Picking Up Chili, Not Husbands

Here's what I would consider a small perfect storm: a new CD arrives in the mail moments before I leave for a mini-roadtrip to the far reaches of Hanover County. What could possibly be better?

I was off to the Frog Level Volunteer Fire Department to pick up chili made by their firemen to benefit the building of the Dawn Library. And now I had Yuck's young but mind-blowing take on 90s indie music to make the trip so enjoyable that I wouldn't want to stop driving.

It wasn't my first time trying to do my part to get a library in a community that desperately wants one; I was there last summer for a community fish fry, here and had a lovely time dishing with the locals and eating fresh-fried fish until I was stuffed.

Today's fundraiser was just a pick-up event instead of a group gathering. What I hadn't realized when I'd first seen the "Chili Sale February 26" sign a few weeks ago on my way to Fredericksburg was that you were supposed to pre-order your chili. Oops, rookie mistake.

So when I got out of my car and was greeted by the trio taking payments, their first question was how many quarts I'd ordered. Just as I began to blather about not knowing I had to pre-order, Evelyn recognized me and said, "I ate with you at the fish fry! How are you doing?"

She was right and it was flattering to be remembered. I guess it's hard not to stand out when you're a Richmonder in Dawn, but being recognized also got me chili despite my lack of pre-ordering.

The ladies asked if I'd noticed that they'd broken ground on the new library (I hadn't) and told me to look for it on my way back down 301. Then I was instructed to drive down to the window to retrieve my firemen's chili, Dawn-style (chunk, not ground, meat with beans).

Pulling up at the window, two women of the three people at the counter also recognized me and were delighted that I'd come up again. "You need to move up here! Do you have a husband keeping you in Richmond?" the enthusiastic Pat asked. "We need you here!"

I laughed, saying that it wasn't a husband keeping me in Richmond. The older gentleman at the end of the counter removed the toothpick from his mouth and laconically said, "Wouldn't be hard to find you one around here." The toothpick went back into position, but he was grinning.

The women made sure I'd been given the flyer about the upcoming pancake dinner, also to benefit the library. I'm thinking of asking some friends to join me for the scenic ride up and the carbohydrate-heavy dinner for a good cause. I know it'll be a good time.

Chances are Yuck will still be in heavy rotation for those inclined toward dreamy melodic ballads ("Sunday" could easily still be on endless repeat by then) as well as noisy rockers ("Georgia" just makes me feel so happily 1993). Fair warning to any potential shotgun rider.

And for anyone on the lookout for husbands, I hear they have a surplus in Dawn. Personally, I'm all about the pancakes and the charming company.

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