Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love is in the Air

I thought I was going to a 70s cult film today when I went to see Harold and Maude for the first time and instead saw a love story that had me welling up in places. Who knew?

Second only to the surprise of the romance was how much I enjoyed the Cat Stevens soundtrack. You have to understand that Cat Stevens is an artist I have detested since the very first time I heard him sing and that feeling has never wavered upon additional listenings insisted upon by fanatics. I loved everything about the music I heard today. What gives?

Apparently in 1971, girls majored in poli-sci and minored in home-ec ("So I have something to fall back on") and nurses still wore nursing caps. A smiling picture of Nixon hung in a military office and a somber picture of Freud in a psychiatrist's.

To find him a bride, Harold's mother contacted The National Computer Dating Service, which must have sounded very clinical and futuristic at the time. Maude blamed her reckless driving on the new-fangled power steering. VW bugs were everywhere.

Age discrepancy aside, the movie was one of the sweetest romances I've ever seen; her optimism and joie de vivre were so attractive that it wasn't hard to see how her age became a non-issue to him.

There are so many ways to convey two people falling for each other on screen, but the ones used in this film were wonderfully offbeat. Smoking a hookah, waltzing to Strauss, having a picnic at a demolition site all conveyed the increasing pleasure they were taking in each other's company.

And, yes, it's almost Valentine's Day and it's been almost three years since I had a Valentine, so maybe I'm just ripe for a good romance. Or maybe it's that now that I'm dating, it's tempting to hope that something along those romantic lines is opening up for me.

And for the record, I can only hope that someone wants me to model nude for them when I'm 79, like Maude did. Because, you know, I will.


  1. Oh hell, you would model nude anytime, you are the free spirit!!!!

  2. Admittedly laughing. And your point is...?

  3. Your boldness is one of your greatest attributes!

  4. Not sure everyone would agree with you, but thanks for that.