Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy the WIld Child Inspirer

The problem with getting up at 11 is that you're not really ready for lunch before about 2:30 and plenty of the places that do lunch are just winding up lunch service by then.

Not wanting to be "that" customer who shows up just as the staff is looking to close the door on lunch, I've learned to seek out the places who have no set lunch hours. And Garnett's fits the bill perfectly.

Add in the charming chef Mac who greeted me with his sly smile and "S'up, Karen?" as I headed for the counter and I know I've made the right choice for my mid-afternoon meal.

We chatted about the difficulties of being a meat-lover in vegetarian surroundings, a situation he'd recently come from.

At the counter, my server handed me a menu and I handed it back, requesting the Cobb salad. She smiled knowingly and I noticed when her shift ended, her take-out container contained the same thing. Mac's Cobb rules.

Barely into my meal, a good friend arrived, making for a terrific surprise lunch companion. She got the chicken salad sandwich and we proceeded to discuss life while chowing down.

She'd seen my post about considering and wanted to put in her two cents worth, voting an enthusiastic "yea," but insisting that I give it a full six-month trial to be fair. No dipping my toe in the water and yanking it out, so to speak.

It was interesting; she mentioned how different her life is now that she gets up/goes to bed early because of her boyfriend's schedule, while my nights and mornings continue to inch later. "We've switched lives," she laughed. Boyfriend aside, I think I got the better deal schedule-wise.

She'd recently taken the Myers-Briggs personality test and informed me that she was an ENFP, coincidentally the same type I am. I first took that test back in 1995 and I had yet to know another ENFP, so I got a kick out of hearing that she was the same type, someone who lives in the world of exciting possibilities.

It's in the nature of ENFPs to want to learn more about their personality type (more so than any other type), so she'd bought the same book I had sixteen years ago. She'll soon learn that an ENFP is thought of as both an inspirer and a wild child. Reconcile those two if you can.

The two of us decided to share dessert and ordered the chocolate-pecan pie because ENFPs love life and strive to make the most out of it, even at lunch.

Not to mention we both have a wicked sweet tooth. Funny, it doesn't mention that in the personality descriptions, but I'm sure it contributes to why ENFPs are basically happy people.

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