Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lust, Location and Locals

I go to the 48-Hour Film Festival screenings because I am curious about what the local film community can come up with just two days.

I go to see people and places I know caught on film.

I go to be amused and surprised and sometimes even enjoy something cringe-worthy.

As usual, this morning's festival delivered.

Some personal highlights:

A mocumentary about vegetables as sex objects. Tomato lust was seriously funny.

A roommate film shot on my block that featured my house, my fence and even the tree my dog regularly pees on.

Last weekend I saw them shooting it and this week I got to see the finished product.

Female roommate drama and a green terrorist made this an hysterical film.

A twisted take on going home, featuring one of my favorite local actors, Brandon Crowder.

I usually have to pay 25 bucks to see Brandon crack me up with Richmond Shakespeare and today I got to see him play it straight for only $7.

Well done.

It was my third year at the 48-Hour Film Festival and it's become one of my favorite annual events, Byrd Theatre seats aside.

If we ever get new seats, I intend to stay for all three screenings for even more lust, location and locals.

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