Monday, July 27, 2009

Eat This Lobster Roll Now

A lobster roll is the simplest thing in the world: big chunks of lobster meat, enough mayo to bind them together and a perfectly buttered and toasted split hot dog roll.

If you appreciate this sublime combination, I would suggest you go immediately to the Black Sheep and order the Nor'easter...preferably with a side of bread and butter pickled veggies.

If this meal doesn't transport you to a summer day up north, then I can only be very sorry for you.

When I was ten, my family spent a month on vacation in Maine.

What stands out in my mind is how cold and rocky the ocean was, that we could light the fireplace every night (and it was July!) and the sheer amount of lobster we ate.

When I bit into that lobster roll in Carver today, I was transported to that month of lobster heaven.

The Black Sheep is a neighborhood place for me, so I don't need reasons to go there (today's visit was to spend time with Adam, of local band Marionette, a friend and a really interesting guy).

I do see an awful lot of their lobster rolls in my near future.

Memory jogging qualities aside, this lobster roll is summer on a plate.

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