Friday, March 11, 2016

Walker Nabbed in River Gambling Sting

Walking further east today than I ever have, it was all about the men.

There was the guy on the Low Line fishing, which surprised me since I had no clue there were fish in the canal. "Oh, I've caught plenty of bass in here," he says, chuckling. "'Cept I fish for sport, so I let 'em all go."

Wishing him much luck in his endeavor, I walked away, but he called after me, "You learned something today!"

Besides my fish lesson, I also got an up close look at all the site preparation work - leveling, planting, mulching - that's going on right now at the Low Line to go with the thousands of daffodil bulbs planted last Fall and in full bloom now along the Dock Street side.

Once I got past Great Shiplock Park, it was virgin territory for me because I'd never walked any further East, so it was a pleasant surprise to see how the Capital Trail meandered around fields and buildings, at one point separating the walking and biking trail into separate paths.

When the trail curved around by the old terminal, I came upon a table crowded with men playing cards by the river, all of whom waved or said something before returning to their morning illegal gambling card game.

One guy waved his cards in the air and motioned me over to join, but, just in case they weren't really supposed to be there doing that, I declined with a smile.

I can see the headline now.

Walking back up the hills, I saw school children picnicking on the shady grounds of the State Capital and worker bees eating lunch on the steps of buildings enjoying the 71-degree sunshine and breeze.

Crossing Main at 12th Street, I started across the intersection when I got the light, only to have a large truck make the turn and come barreling down on me as if I were invisible. It was definitely a few terrifying moments.

No one wants to have to run to prevent becoming road kill.

I have to admit, my body is still getting acclimated to the sudden rise in temperatures, so by the time I'd done nearly seven miles and was a block from home, I was sweaty and slowing down.

Then a guy rides by on a bike and, just as he rounds the corner, calls out, "You look beautiful today!"

No, I don't, but thank you for saying that.

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