Thursday, March 10, 2016

Likes: Pizza, Wine, Men

As my Mom felt the need to alert me by email this morning, Spring has sprung.

Even without her notification, the fact that my eyes are crusted shut with allergies by the time I get home from my six mile walk (didn't make it to 7 miles today #sorrynotsorry) and every street has ladders propped up against houses to accommodate painters and roofers had already tipped me off.

This next bit will only resonate with Girl Scouts, but here goes anyway.

Walking up Davis, I spotted a couple sitting on the steps of their porch, he on the cold concrete and her on a sit-upon. It's no exaggeration to say I squealed when I saw it and she confirmed that her daughter had made it in Girl Scouts.

For the uninitiated, every Brownie or Junior Scout makes a sit-upon. Back in the olden days when I made mine, we actually used oilcloth but nowadays, it's two pieces of plastic. Laced inside through holes punched along the four edges are newspapers, making for a waterproof and more comfy way to sit outdoors on the ground.

I bet I hadn't seen one in decades, so my delight was pretty obvious. In fact, after we discussed hers and I began to leave, she called after me, "You're welcome!"

Not nearly as memory-evoking, but a whole lot funnier was a poster stapled to a pole near Grace Street.

New to Richmond
Lonely as Shit
Wanna hang?
[photo of red-haired guy with facial hair and wide-eyed expression]
Likes: pizza, beer, Seinfeld, Women
Dislikes: Panic attacks, no pizza, being lonely
[email address]

Can you blame him? None of us wants to be lonely when it's sit-upon season.

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