Friday, December 24, 2010

Knotty, Not Nice

It must be Christmas Eve because I spent the whole day baking and cooking. The only other day that even comes close in terms of that kind of labor for me is Thanksgiving, but even then there's no baking involved.

And there wouldn't have been baking involved today if I hadn't been so incredibly busy this week, which necessitated me putting it off again and again.

But three kinds of cookies got baked today, so it all worked out fine (except when I had to reach an upper cabinet and grabbed a stool to do so only to crack my head on the open cabinet door on my way up; the knot on my head has been throbbing ever since).

I only mention this because between the cooking and baking, once I got back from my walk, there was no leaving the house until after dinner. Way too much to do before my five guests arrived.

But arrive they did and seemed to enjoy all the food I'd made for our dinner, the preparation of which had consumed my day. I was just glad I don't have to do all this again until next November.

Post-dinner we met friends at the Byrd Theater for their annual screening of "It's a Wonderful Life" and a singalong with Bob Gulledge on the Mighty Wurlitzer. I don't want to upset anyone who wasn't there, but you missed the canine chorus to "Jingle Bells," a new addition to Bob's repertoire.

One of my friends who saw the movie for the first time only last year, asked me if I still enjoy it after seeing it every Christmas Eve for the past fifteen years. And I do.

I will always enjoy Jimmy Stewart's superb performance. As I've mentioned here before many times, I'm a huge fan of period details and this film spans 1919 to 1945, so it's full of them. High school students wear tuxes to their graduation party, Italians are referred to as "garlic eaters." and toll collectors wear change holders on their belt, much the way ice cream men once did. It's like a cultural history lesson.

Honestly, I doubt I could ever tire of the sweet story of how one person's life affects so many others. Despite not feeling connected in ways that wish I were now, I know better than to think that everyone would have been better off if I'd never been born.

Based on what I've been told, I know a few people who would have lost their best audience with my absence (entertain me and I can really laugh).

And if nothing else, I hope somebody would have missed my winning smile, can-do attitude and cute tights. Maybe the tights manufacturers?


  1. "It's a Wonderful Life" is a grand movie & as you say rich in details..seemingly done right...of course you'd be missed?? ..your writings reveal & give much. If on the personal or private level you give as much then i suspect you would be missed plenty..besides if you were not around... who would keep the local bars & restaurants open? you contribute daily to their well fair. Merry Christmas K.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  3. A Merry Christmas to you. May each month of our coming new year delight you in special ways profound and slight. Thank you for sharing. Patrick

  4. I appreciate such a hopeful wish for me.

    Thank you for reading.

  5. You're definitely my best audience-no one makes me feel as funny as you do!! Hate to lose hearing you laugh!

  6. Don't kid yourself. I laugh because you're funny.