Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't See Me if You Know I'm Too Good for You!

So I've had two job interviews over the past week.

I submitted my resume, they liked what they saw and asked me to come in to talk.

Fair enough.

The first time, the interviewer was a woman a few years younger than me.

She asked me all kinds of questions about my former positions, how I'd chosen my career path and even about how I spent my free time.

If we'd met in a bar, we probably would have exchanged numbers and met up again to chat.

It was a great conversation and I could tell she was impressed by me...right up until she told me that there would be no point in hiring me because I'd be bored with the job in a week.

Well, duh, I knew I wasn't applying for my dream job, but I am certainly more than competent to do what they needed.

Next time out, I was interviewed by a man and woman from the HR Team (gag).

They proceeded to provide job scenarios and asked how I would handle them.

No big deal; problem-solving is one of my strengths. They were particularly impressed with a couple of my solutions and said so.

Everything was going well until the end when they informed me that while they'd love to hire me, it would be pointless because I'd be sure to leave for a better job than what they could offer me.

Really? Because there aren't a lot of better jobs out there at the moment.

Anyway, this is really just a rant to potential employers.

If you look at a resume and think the person is overqualified, don't bother asking them in for an interview.

Chances are they'll just impress you more in person and then you'll have to tell them you can't hire them.

And I don't need to get dressed up for that.

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