Tuesday, January 10, 2017

To Sum It Up

Ungodly hour my landlord phoned me to see if my pipes were frozen. Having previously learned that lesson the hard way, I've had my faucets dripping steadily for days now to prevent just such an inconvenience. Not so the pretty young thing in the back apartment who's currently without water. Still, civilized people know that pipe discussions should wait until after 10 a.m.

Number of errands I ran over the course of my frigid walk, traversing a decidedly under-populated downtown under leaden skies. One of them was a stop at the Little Free Library nearby to deposit books for neighbors in search of a good read on these long winter days. No one should have to be alone without a good book in weather like this.

2 1/2
Number of hours I spent talking with a man in his East End "study," where walls were covered in magazine pictures of Malcolm X, Prince, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson, Gil Scott Heron, Dylan and himself, and rabbit ears were inexplicably placed on the stand in front of the TV, meaning he just watches right through them. His life is so colorful, I can't stop asking questions. Before I leave, he compliments my parents and tells me I look exactly like he expected me to after four phone calls to arrange our rendezvous.

Number of phone messages I came home to over the course of the day. Yes, one day. Considering I didn't have phone service for 16 days, I'm inclined to think the extraordinarily high number is just some kind of back up that could finally get through. I don't usually get six calls a month.

Number of hours spent at a dinner party in a very cool condo in what used to be the Baptist Home for Aged Women. I try not to make any connection between the former name and my invitation. Dinner was a garlicky melange of pig, apples, carrots and new potatoes that scented the whole place and seemed to be planned to feed an army, not two. I am told I threw down the gauntlet by saying I could talk forever. Music ranged from Afropop to Annie Lennox to Miramar to Cat Stevens and the local art collection exceeded mine in size of pieces if not quantity.

Temperature when I got home to a message from a friend headed into town hours ago and hopefully seeking my sparkling company for the evening.

Missed Monday opportunities.

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