Thursday, October 17, 2013

Morning Show

In the interest of keeping myself honest, this post is about nothing more than upholding my resolution to vary my walk route at least weekly.

Today I went back to Belle Isle for a semi-sunny trek around the island, the river sounding even louder than usual, perhaps due to all the recent rain.

The sun brought out the usual joggers but only a few people lounging on the rocks. I hate to think lounging season is over.

Today I also walked out to the head gate to get to the rocks that face southside and found not another soul.

Today's highlights?

A woman with a butterfly net and a determined countenance looking for specimens.

A woman on a unicycle navigating the bumpy and irregular trail by the water.

Best of all, a guy playing guitar on the furthest out rock possible, water rushing all around him. Strumming passionately to the falls.

And to me, although he didn't know it. What a wonderful way to end my walk.

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