Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Want a Shake with Those Fries?

Roy's Big Burger delivers so much more.

And on a day when I was craving a quick cheeseburger, I knew I could duck in, eat in my car while reading the Post and be on my way easily.

I've posted before about how it always seems to be men sitting in their cars at Roy's, but today I joined a woman waiting for her order.

Within a minute, a long-haired older guy joined us.

Still, that's the evenest odds (gender-wise) I've ever been a party to at Roy's

But once I had my cheeseburger (all the way) and fries, I made for my car and newspaper, barely getting into my seat before pulling out a fry.

It needed salt.

Opening the car door quickly, I almost ram it into a vehicle pulling suddenly into the space next to me.

But he finally saw me, stopped and I went to grab a salt packet.

Back in my car, it was time to pull out the greasy waxed paper-wrapped burger and feed my blood.

I was holding the good-sized burger with both hands and had just taken a far-from-ladylike bite when the guy from the car next to me walked up.

"Excuse me, sorry to interrupt your lunch," he says smiling and I chew frantically a bite too large for my mouth. "Are you dating anyone?"

I struggle to swallow; he apologizes. "I'm sorry. Is that too forward?"

Yes, I tell him, asking if he always asks out women he almost mows down. "No, but I find you very attractive," he explains, "So I thought it was worth a shot."

I clarify my status to him and he is nothing if not persistent.

Writing his name and number down, he goes in for the big finish. "Have a nice lunch. I hope I hear from you."


I know I'm lucky that such random things happen to me.

Double damn.

My cheeseburger is cold.

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