Monday, May 7, 2012

Time Travel

As the brand new Passion Pit song released today advises, "Take a Walk."

Not that I don't every day, but today's got an unusually late start due to the night before.

Which meant different things to see and hear than my usual morning stroll.

Near Grace and Ryland, a guy looks at me quizzically and says, "What are you doing way down here?"

Clearly he knows me from another section of Grace, but I smile and justify my location to this stranger nonetheless.

Further up I see a bumper sticker that makes me burst out laughing.

"If selling babies for profit is wrong, I don't want to be right."

Wrong on so many levels and yet so funny.

The runner -up is on the same car. "Technically, you only need one time travel convention."

Assuming everyone chooses wisely, that is.

Coming back down Hell Block, a guy walks down steps and says good morning, a greeting I return.

"Nice body," he observes with a sweeping glance yet without even a hint of a smile.

I think I'll travel back to a time when people at least show some humor when saying inappropriate things to me.

Even if they sell babies for profit.

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