Friday, March 9, 2012

I'd Recognize That Horse's Ass Anywhere

"I need some girl time!" a friend messaged me about lunch today.

We chose Secco and walked into find a restaurant full of other people already enjoying girl (or boy) time.

Almost all were enjoying some Friday grape.

Their new community table is a beautiful thing, replacing the couches that used to be in the front window. and offering seating for eight or standing room for ten.

Our community today was going to be just us two, so we took seats at the bar, sadly near where some idiot had carved his initials into the cork.

Honestly, were you people raised by wolves? In a barn? Don't we call that destruction of property?

Starting with the addictive fried almonds with za'atar and sea salt, we dove right into our girl time.

The many moods of men, shameless partner requests, restaurant gossip, we covered a lot before our lunches arrived.

In keeping with our girly theme, we'd both chosen the duck confit salad with dried cherries, Stilton, arugula and walnuts in a roasted shallot vinaigrette.

The combination of peppery greens, stinky cheese and intensely sweet cherries proved yet again what amazing salads that kitchen comes up with, which is one reason we like it so much for lunch.

Another would be  for the chance to drink a new wine not even on the list yet (see: secret stash), this one from Ladoix and very Burgundian (like the mourners I saw yesterday but far tastier).

Somehow we kidded ourselves that the wine would be our dessert.

We watched as three different guys came in by themselves, sat at the bar, ordered the grilled lamb burger and fries and inhaled it.

Everyone loves Secco for their own reasons and that burger is as good as any.

Looking out the glass front, I recognized the same two mounted policemen I'd seen on Grace Street this morning.

There, they had been ticketing people left and right for running the red light.

I get such a kick out of seeing that.

Today they were just trotting down Cary Street in the sunshine, so we got in my friend's car and followed after them to Meadow.

Our second stop was at Garnett's for dessert where I had a slice of chocolate espresso cake with white icing and she had gluten-free lemon chess pie.

Part of the definition of girl time is eating dessert, so we were sticking to the plan.

Then she was off to do paperwork and I to get my hair trimmed.

"You curled your hair!" the woman who cuts my hair exclaimed. "I know that must mean something!"

She wouldn't have had to be guessing what that might be if she'd been a fly on the wall during our girl time.

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