Friday, February 10, 2012

The Cosmic Boomerang of Life

Being on time is a relative thing.

So when I arrived at Chop Suey for the poetry reading at 5:30, it wasn't a huge surprise that it had been moved to 6ish.

Sonya Renee Taylor was running a bit behind, The surprise was that she was even willing to do a reading at Chop Suey before her scheduled reading at University of Richmond tonight.

Walking into the room fifty minutes after the reading was supposed to start, she charmed us all by saying, "You guys are sexy and that makes my day better."

There were a few hard bodies in the room, it should be noted.

Explaining that she was a performance poet, she clarified the difference between the work on stage and the work on the page.

We were lucky enough to hear both.

The best part of "Creation Story" was the line, "Women should be wanted."

Can I get an amen?

"Communion of Glass" was every bit as compelling, including, as it did, the line, "Wouldn't want to ruin this pretty dress. It's the only thing holding me together."

The power of a good dress can not be overstated.

Taylor's voice rose in intensity and volume as she read or recited her poetry (as with "The Truth," a poem she delivered extemporaneously), imbuing her reading with an appealing immediacy.

The devoted crowd took in her poetry while knowing that she had a limited time to share with us because of her UR reading.

Still, an evening that begins with poetry being read is worthwhile no matter how long the verse lasts.

From there I made a belated entrance to meet a friend for dinner, hoping she'd forgive my tardiness.

The bartender was a familiar face who admitted to his number being 90, a preference for leggy blonds and a brief career on reality TV.

You know, just another bartender in River City.

Friend and I focused on more significant things like the importance of romance in a relationship, how we didn't fully appreciate our younger selves and how eager we are for good company now.

We didn't have enough time to fully explore those topics, so we moved the party to Balliceaux where a lively crowd was gathering for Canary, Oh, Canary.

I saw all kinds of familiar faces there, musicians mostly, but also including two bartenders who went out of their way to welcome us (by giving us a hard time) and keep us at the front bar.

It was only because I know I'll be hearing their reverb-drenched dreamgaze next week that I could relax and just chat up my friend about life, love and white go-go boots.

Yes, I am proud to say that I have a friend who owns a pair of white go-go boots (bought in Bermuda for $5) which, we agreed, will be the perfect footwear for some of our salons once we open our doors to the public.

I'd be the first to admit that I have nothing that can compete with white go-go boots.

To paraphrase Ginger Rogers who said she had to do everything backwards and in high heels to keep up with Fred Astaire, I fear I will have to find even cooler tights and better conversational hot buttons to compete with white go-go boots.

Luckily, I have the power of a pretty dress holding me together.

I don't know that it's enough to make me wanted as a woman, but it's a start.

I'm planning to work my way up to white go-go boots, metaphorically speaking.


  1. Sounds like you can appreciate a poetic thought, Anonymous.

    1. i appreciate finding a woman worth wanting.