Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lobster Lunch in the East End

Obviously I wasn't the only one eagerly anticipating the opening of M Bistro and Wine Bar.

Today, the first day they were serving, I saw six people I knew in the mere hour I was there lunching with friends. The place was packed.

I'm sure all of them, like me, were admiring what a handsome space the Bistro is.

I was especially taken with the red and black area rug under tables near the booths where we were ensconced, but the tasteful light fixtures with their large shallow circular shades added a lot, too.

Once dinner service begins, I will be quick to come down and see how the space transforms itself after dark. I can imagine it will be quite atmospheric.

And while the patio out front was seeing no action on a 97-degree day, no doubt it will once the heat wave moves on.

After being told by the hostess and the water-pourer who would be our server, someone of a different sex entirely showed up, so I teased him about what he'd done with our intended server.

He took it well; it's always a good sign when you can crack wise with your server and maybe even help him relax on opening day.

The menu was simple but interesting with some creative salads and a variety of sandwiches. I chose the lobster roll (celery leaves and truffle oil on a New England round bun) with fried asparagus on the side.

They were not serving the housemade ranch chips today, but our server spoke well of the tempura fried asparagus.

There had been some crankiness in the car on the way down because my couple date was as hungry as I was. He ordered the lamb burger with BBQ bacon and she got a salad.

Our food took no time at all; clearly the kitchen is well-staffed.

The chef made his way through the dining room at one point, dapper in his chef coat and blue jeans, and smiling like only a man who finally has his own restaurant can.

The lobster roll was piled high with dressed lobster and the mound of fried asparagus had the lightest of batters crusting it.

My friend was waxing poetic about the BBQ bacon on his burger and gave me a piece to prove his point. To my taste, bacon doesn't need BBQ, but it was distinctly flavorful, manly even.

I did take advantage of his offer to "help" him finish his lamb burger, finding it as satisfying as he had.

The big, beautiful, thickly cut yellow and red tomatoes that came with my sandwich and his tasted like they came out of the garden yesterday.

We were too full for dessert, so that pleasure will have to wait for next time.

Where I will undoubtedly run into more wine reps, restaurant owners, servers from other restaurants and various people I know.

Finally, a Rocketts Landing restaurant for the rest of us.

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