Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scoring at Chores

Could there be a better way to spend a warm, breezy day at the river scoring points than doing chores for my parents in the sunshine?

I painted the wooden garden chairs a lovely shade of purple.

I painted the bird feeder roof cherry red.

I stained the dock chairs so that the new umbrella can go up for dockside happy hours.

The straw hat I was wearing kept threatening to blow off because the breeze spent the day shifting directions.

I waded into the Rappahannock River up to my ankles to discover that it's still really cold.

I saw that parts of the water were almost brown, no doubt recently churned up by nearby rain, and others a bright sparkling green.

My parents sat on the big screened-in porch reading a Northern Neck magazine for which I'd written a guide to the Chesapeake Bay wine trail (yea, I hadn't known there were wineries out that way, either), pleased as punch.

Proud, even.

Not sure if it was my writing skills or how good I was at the chores that had them going.

My Dad did say he's planning to buy me a pair of short overalls for future visits.

My guess is it was the latter.

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