Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sure, I'll Pay for Seven Inches

It's all in how you look at it.

It was a free show at Gallery 5 with four talented bands of wildly varying genres.

Standing on a concrete floor for four and a half hours gets old after the first three.

The bill had been chosen by the Diamond Center, who were celebrating their 7" record release, a steal at five bucks.

There were a host of sound issues for some reason.

When there's no cover charge, more people will buy merchandise, helping to support local music.

Band etiquette 101: never play longer than the headlining band intends to.

Nervous Ticks, a high-energy band that evokes an early '80s post-punk sound, was most compelling on their last song, which was acknowledged as "showing our sensitive side."

The unfulfilled tension of the song was terrific.

Canary, oh, Canary, the only band I hadn't heard before, was a stripped down trio playing dream-gaze pop (think Cocteau Twins) with some dramatic vocals (and hand gestures) in parts.

When they locked into a groove, they didn't let go.

Black Girls had played the Earth Day Festival today but showed no signs of weariness; we'll chalk that up to youth.

As a friend told me, he wanted to go up to them and say, "Great set, guys. Now show me your IDs."

After their set, a restaurant acquaintance said he couldn't describe their sound.

When I offered "KC and the Sunshine Band meets Modest Mouse with some Queen thrown in," his face lit up.

"That's it! I heard all that but I couldn't put it into words." 

Friend, I always have words to spare. Just ask.

The Diamond Center  played a full-on stellar set, complete with confetti thrown onto the audience toward the end.

Lead singer Brandi had on the most amazing silver leggings seen since the '80s.

I only wish Kyle's twelve-string guitar got used for more than three songs.

But I am happy to hear a twelve-string for however long or short someone is willing to play it.

I look at it as a great evening of free music in a city that continues to turn out bands worth hearing.

It can be our new slogan: Keep Richmond musical.

Yea, right.

As if I'm the right person to label this city.

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