Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Don't Always Eat Out

Someone asked me recently if I ever stay at home to eat and although he was really just teasing me about the frequency with which I dine out, let's be clear here: I do eat at home. Occasionally. Like last night, although a friend had offered to cook for me, so while I did my dining here, I didn't have to actually do anything besides open the wine. Does that still count as eating at home if no effort on my part is involved?

It turned out that my friend is a another oddball who, like me, has never seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, so we celebrated our intentional oversight by going to the Byrd Theater to see Up in the Air. I found the movie's themes interesting (being attracted to someone like yourself can backfire on you) and a bit close to home still (endless scenes of people being given the packet and laid off), but satisfactory in that life isn't always as neatly wrapped up as we might hope for.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings' version of the folk classic, This Land is Your Land, behind the opening credits was an incredibly soulful version of a song I actually remember having to sing in music class in elementary school. Not to get off topic here, but do kids even learn about American folk music anymore? I know arts funding in schools has gone down the drain, but I remember how stoked we were as kids to be singing music from the not-too-distant 60s; maybe it was even part of my origins as a music geek.

My friend hadn't been to the Byrd in literally years, and it's always enjoyable to experience something so familiar with fresh eyes. Those seats, though! I try to support every benefit they do for the Byrd Theater Foundation just in hopes of someday being able to watch a film without squirming around in my seat in search of the least uncomfortable position. Luckily, Milk Duds make up for just about anything at the Byrd.

They can even count as dessert when I do eat dinner at home. Just don't look for it to happen again anytime soon.


  1. I'm glad I found your blog, because I'm moving to Richmond VA soon, and I want to see the city through the eyes of someone that is really familiar with it. For me is like a very foreign place, I only know 3 people, but I am very optimistic about the future. And since you go out to eat apparently fairly often, then I hope you'll come to the café we are opening there soon.
    Here's my blog: http://adventureinrichmond.blogspot.com

  2. Some years ago I bought an Aaron Copeland CD that featured numerous "Old American Songs". What a treat. It reminded me of my elementary glee club days when we sang folk tunes, songs from the civil war (northern and southern) and the occasional negro spiritual. More importantly that experience provided a musical context of American history that to this day I cherish greatly. But alas, for what ever reason, those days of teaching Americana appear to be gone for good.


  3. Jackie,
    I'm impressed you somehow found my blog. I do go out a lot because there's so much great to do here, and a lot of it low or no cost. We've got an excellent independent restaurant scene also so it's never dull for eating choices.
    I will definitely look for your place. And please let me know when you read about something worthwhile here...or even just have a question.
    You're going to love it!

  4. gabake,

    One of my favorites was the slave song, "The Boll Weevil" supposedly created by cotton-pickers. As a kid, a song about a bug was too cool for school!