Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Check, Please!

I am not so shallow that I need others to validate my opinion. I'm confident that my beliefs are based on life experience, careful consideration and general smarts. Still, it's incredibly gratifying to have a random conversation that proves that my thinking is not completely off the wall.

I was at Garnett's around 11:00 and a musician I know came in for coffee and a scone. The music on the stereo made him look at me and ask, "Do you know if this is Bowerbirds?" Why, yes it was, I told him, leading to a discussion of the band's acoustic Americana sound, of which we were both very fond. He'd even seen them in Charlottesville last month, a show I told him I'd missed because of prior plans.

Realizing he'd found a kindred music soul, he shared a recent story with me. Seems he was really interested in this girl and was trying to figure out the best way to approach her. He'd wanted to ask her out on a date, so he suggested they go to Balliceaux to see Fight the Big Bull. Her response was, "Oh, that's kind of late and I'm not really into live music."

I looked at him incredulously and he just nodded at me. "Yea, it kind of told me everything I needed to know about her." As I told him, at least he didn't waste another minute of his life with someone with such a skewed life-view.

Or as we like to say about a near-miss like that, "Check, please!"

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  1. its the same people who rather watch tv than have a life!