Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pasties and Thongs Ruled

I saw "Lore" at Gallery 5 last night and if you haven't experienced Sweet Tease Burlesque before (I had), too bad for you because they are likely disbanding. "Lore" was cool for a whole lot of reasons, but if you didn't find these scantily-clad and extremely talented dancers titillating, it's time to check your bodily fluids. I'm just saying...

The performance consisted of about 15 dances strung together as a sort-of-folktale, with the only male being the Ringmaster Pan. From the sets to the costumes to the choreography, the entire show was such superior eye candy that I can't imagine anyone even got up to use the bathroom during the show. Best of all, burlesque encourages the audience to hoot, holler and express themselves and the audience for the final performance was not shy about voicing its appreciation for the beautiful bodies and movement before us.

The idea behind burlesque is to turn social norms head over heels (a position many of the dancers assumed at one point or another during the evening) and anyone who attended last night without any idea of what they'd be seeing undoubtedly found themselves a bit head over heels...impressed and aroused and engrossed. A great way to start a Saturday night.

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