Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh, It Was Awkward

When I moved into this apartment last month, my next-door neighbor took the time to introduce himself. I've seen him dozens of times since and he always says hello; he seems like a nice guy, polite and not overly friendly.
Today I was getting out of my car just as he was and he smiled and said hi. But then he walked over and started stammering about something. I really had no idea where he was going with this conversation, so I tried to be low-key and just wait for him to get it out. Many verbal detours later, he said, "If my eyes wander too much when I speak to you, I apologize." Um, okay. Honestly, I hadn't noticed him gawking before and he was diplomatic enough to say that he was certain I got a lot of attention everywhere I went, but I found myself at a loss for how to wrap things up.
I decided to assure him that I hadn't noticed any inappropriate staring on his part (because I hadn't), thinking this was the easiest way for both of us to end this conversation. Except that his response was, "You mean I just humiliated myself for nothing?" Well, maybe.
My last try at a save was to tell him that I was just going to take it as a compliment and appreciate his honesty. ..and I assured him women like honesty. He seemed to be okay with that...still, I bet he beats himself up for even opening his mouth.

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