Monday, April 27, 2009

Note to Self: Don't Miss the Next One

I missed last month's live performance at Ipanema with Liza Kate, so I didn't want to miss this month's set by the Great White Jenkins. I appreciate that RVA News is recording the performance series and posting them online, but I still prefer seeing the bands live (call me old-school).

As it turned out, the band went through its set list and then informed us that they had to re-play the first three songs because they hadn't recorded properly. Ah, technical my former life doing video, I can recall several occasions when we had to sheepishly ask an interviewee if we could redo an interview because of technical issues. And while everyone always agreed nicely, it didn't make us feel any less inept. So I could completely relate to the situation last night...and didn't mind a repeat performance at all.

The crowd was small, maybe because the weekend weather had been so summer-like and everyone had worn themselves out by Sunday night, but it was definitely a bunch of music-lovers. It's hard not to appreciate Matt White's guitar talent, no matter what collection of musicians he plays with. And if you missed the show, it'll be up online at rvanews in a week or so.

And for anyone who appreciates Matt's long, luxurious hair, he claimed last night that he's about to cut it all off (of course, the facial hair stays), not because it's hot (although it's got to be) but because it's just time in the hair cycle. So he said.

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