Wednesday, August 6, 2014

You Had Me at Hello Hefeweizen

Highlights from an evening:

Isley brewing; what's a non-beer drinker doing in a brewery that looks like a bar?

Drinking warm water.

A nearby Jenga games ends with screams and a full collapse.

The newly open Supper: Arrived to find an overall-wearing painter working on the outline of a pig outside the front door ("I'll be finished when I'm done").

The extension of Lunch is kitschy (those beaded lamps hanging from the nose of a cow are captivating), crowded (even the community table was practically full) and just as filling (so what else is new?).

Tomato a la Greek salad with feta; bacon and corn griddle cakes loaded with pork barbecue and brussels sprouts slaw; crab cakes with more sprouts and bacon plus grilled asparagus.

At what point are we full and cry "uncle"?

Not so classic movie night: "Gang Wars," a '70s martial arts blaxploitation film with every corny artifice possible employed.

When the actors' speech becomes a slo-mo drone, a guy at the bar calls out, "Put another quarter in!"

Demons in the subway, black gangs fighting Chinese and more bell bottoms than anyone has seen since 1975.

Star's name: Warhawk Tanzania (!) and that doesn't begin to convey how amazing his Afro or his gold lame unitard are.

A black man knows all, rules all in NYC circa 1976.

Accompaniments: Patron, beer, wings and a hot fudge sundae. Much commentary and laughter from an audience who comes as much to dissect as to watch.

Last  stop: Ipanema where we are greeted by a gold unitard hanging in a nearby window. What are the chances?

Inside, there is Lopez de Heredia Rioja, endless discussion of FDR, McDonnell and Israel to a vaguely classic rock-influenced soundtrack.

When does a screaming liberal become something more right wing? Who do you take when visiting Chicago? When does a fun evening become wooing?

The battle of the song titles. This tornado loves you. I've been waiting for a girl like you.

This Tuesday night rules.

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