Friday, July 27, 2012

Nerds R Us

You think you know someone and then they show up in a bright yellow Scout to fetch you.

On the other hand, the literary reference on his license plate was so incredibly well-conceived that I felt reassured that he hadn't changed all that much.

It had been ages since we'd seen each other and he had all kinds of new milestones (another degree, turning 40) behind him since we'd last lunched.

I suggested C Street in Carytown since I'd only been in for drinks and he agreed, saying that he knew one of the sous chefs.

Walking by Guitar Works, we saw musicians of various ages playing loudly on the porch while passersby lingered to listen.

Band camp, perhaps?

At C Street, an enormous bridal luncheon of women in flowered dresses was in progress, making us happy for a table down the hall.

"Will you think me a Troglodyte if I order a burger?" he asked.

In fact, I'd expected it. Even at 40, his favorite foods are still burgers and pizza.

And while I love both, he's got six feet and three inches to spread out that kind of eating and I've got less than five and a half feet.

So I chose the shrimp salad spinach wrap which, will not exactly overflowing with shrimp salad, benefited from the marinated cherry tomatoes and dill in it.

He'd recently been going through the hoop jumping of the job interview process, including one with several local steps followed by the company flying him to NYC.

There they said that he didn't have enough experience, a conclusion he said could have been easily reached during any number of conversations here.

Ah, the challenges of seeking work. I remember its frustrations well, here.

In fact, it was part of the reason I finally gave up and opted to work for myself despite the poverty level wages of it.

So I'll never drive anything as cool as a bright yellow '75 Scout with a ragtop, metal framed windows and a shiny silver glovebox.

But even the economically-challenged can appreciate a good literary reference when they see one, albeit on a license plate.

J.L. Finch? On a Scout? Frickin' brilliant.

It takes a certain kind of nerdy mind to think up stuff like that.

Even better, he ordered the sesame soy slaw for its alliteration.

Truly my kind of friend.

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