Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mistaken for Friends

The powers that be long ago decreed today as National My Way Day.

Seems that today has been designated as the day when the world revolves around how you want to do things. Which is kind of how I live every day, but apparently some people need permission to do so.

Not me. When I was a kid, my Mom told me that every day was Children's Day and I took that to heart, presuming that once I got to adulthood, every day would be Grown-Ups Day and since no one told me differently, I've been going the "My Way Day" route ever since.

For others, hope you enjoyed today.

Because February is Great American Pie Month, my day began by walking to Sugar and Twine with Mac for a brown butter apple hand pie enjoyed at an outside table on an unexpectedly nice morning next to a panting bulldog.

That my backside brushed the head of a guy sitting inside - but awfully close to the door - as we walked out was not my fault, but I apologized anyway. "No worries at all," the stranger said. "I enjoyed it."

Although this week is officially National Secondhand Wardrobe Week, let's be real here, every week of my life is secondhand wardrobe week, although my recommendation would be to rename it National Recycled Wardrobe Week to make it sound groovier.

A black and white geometric knit dress - worn backwards because I like the way the zipper looks in front - was tonight's recycled choice.

In honor of today being National Cabbage Day, I took a favorite eater out - because it's also International Friendship Week - to assist my hired mouth with heaping helpings of lamb, chicken and, yes, cabbage.

In further service of said week, I took that friend to TheatreLAB to see "Grand Concourse," part of the Acts of Faith Festival, and another superb opportunity to see how The Basement space had been transformed this time.

We were wowed by what a phenomenal job set designer David Melton had done nailing every detail of a basement church soup kitchen, from crucifixes and pictures of Jesus to posters of OSHA legalities and health requirements, with all the shelving, pots and pans and stores of food that a real kitchen would require.

That the story of good and evil, love and loss, mental illness and manipulation ended with the lead character realizing that some acts can never be forgiven - nor should they ever be - made it all worthwhile.

As for February's busy calendar, I find it fascinating that while it's International Friendship Week, it's also International Flirting Week. Could it be that simultaneous celebrations are in order?

Discuss. Because that's my way every day.

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