Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I Feel the Earth Move

Do not be alarmed if you find yourself struggling to fall asleep tonight, for there could be a perfectly scientific reason for your insomnia. ~ The Telegraph

Although I've never had insomnia, the Supermoon did a royal number on me.

Oh, I went to bed last night at a perfectly reasonable time - midnight - but that moon had no intention of letting me ignore it. I fell asleep immediately, slept for exactly 45 minutes and woke up like someone was calling my name.

According to astrologers, a Supermoon is simply an intensified new moon or full moon - a time to focus on new beginnings. 
~ The Telegraph

As I lay there awake for the next three plus hours, it gradually occurred to me that the moon was cutting me no slack. When better to mull over the state of everything - my life, the new world order, the possibilities of the future - than wide awake at 4 a.m.?

Some even see them as omens of impending disaster, or a warning of something momentous coming. ~ The Telegraph

Once I accepted that I wasn't the least bit sleepy and, clearly, I wasn't going to fall back to sleep easily, I gave in to it. I briefly considered turning on the light and returning to my book - Jacqueline Susann's 1966 bestseller, "Valley of the Dolls" where characters with insomnia dealt with it by downing green or yellow "dolls" - but decided that wasn't the point of the Supermoon.

Any full moon - never mind a Supermoon as big as this - has long been seen as having the ability to trigger emotional reactions and extreme behavior. ~ The Telegraph

Today's lingering effects of the Supermoon colored everything that happened to me, from an unexpected purchase to a gallant offer from a stranger to being called fascinating by a person who credited our meeting to that very moon. Extreme, indeed.

But when a Supermoon is involved, these new starts can take on an even more dramatic turn. ~ The Telegraph

Looking at a photograph of the Supermoon rising on Hatteras only confirmed that it was calling my name. Who needs sleep with a moon like that sprinkling its magic over me?

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