Saturday, September 3, 2016

Go West, Young Lass

I think we're okay here in central Virginia, but don't plan any trips to Virginia Beach or the Outer Banks this weekend.~

The voice on the radio throws this out nonchalant warning as I'm walking room to room collecting things. This affects several people I know and love.

There's the one friend who was desperately trying to leave the Outer Banks yesterday, another due to start her beach week tomorrow, a third, the coolest of all, living near Virginia Beach.

The former posted a photograph of a convincingly menacing sky yesterday, with a note that they were bailing, wanting to be across the bridge before the real wind cranked up, a decision more easily made because they were due to leave today anyway.

The friend who heads for surf and sand tomorrow afternoon (because she likes to begin her vacations in a leisurely manner; very civilized, I think) will have missed (hopefully) the worst of it and while the sky may still be a little bruised looking, we all know how a good storm scrubs the air clean and is followed by gloriously gorgeous weather.

Contrary to the holiday weekend mindset, summer is not over yet. Praise the lord and pass the summer fun.

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