Sunday, August 14, 2016

Who? This Guy, That's Who

Hope you're in the middle of a grand weekend!
Yes, I'm at the river today and very much enjoying the view.
BTW, I'm very jealous about that river thing.
The river thing is most excellent, I won't lie, but I'm heading back shortly for a friend's party, so your jealousy can be short-lived.
Well, from the river to a party - still not registering high on the sympathy scale with me!

The man had a point.

But tonight's Cocktails and Cards party was non-negotiable, so I took a leisurely outdoor shower before leaving and then stopped home just long enough to put on a summery-looking dress and head to Church Hill to socialize with eight other people.

Driving up the hill to my destination, I spotted a guy standing against a yellow brick wall on 28th or 29th Street, staring West into the brutal pre-sunset glare motionless. He and the entire block seemed suffused with sunshine.

I knew it would be the last lightness I saw before entering the dark world of Cards Against Humanity.

Food covered two tables in two rooms, guests came and went throughout the night, providing changing odds and varying dynamics between the cerebral and corny humor aficionados and it was the usual tough crowd, so everyone brought their "A" game.

Best-written card I never found a use for: Riding the struggle bus

Favorite quip from the man to my left: I already won in my own head

Prank worth trying: Telling people that the word "gullible" is not in the dictionary (Even better, the wife's comment that followed: "Both she and I fell for that.")

Favorite answer to the question, "Who's really to blame?": The person Mr. Rogers thought I could be.

Most surprising comment about appendages: Lady hands on a man make me want to throw up

Best reaction to an innocuous card about "taking it to the kitchen": Uh-oh, do we need to Urban Dictionary that?

Funniest comment about going on a job interview: You know you're going to have to buy pants first

Quickest assumption to "blue waffle" as the answer to the question "What exactly is up my ass?": That's got to be something sexual

Phrase worth remembering for future use: Heteroflexible

The cards, we all agreed, were written by guys smoking weed who then sent them though quality control with 13-year old boys. To wit: felching.

When word nerds drink, they can't resist researching. "I don't need to know," said the wise one, shaking her head.

Oh, but I do. Can we ratchet up the sympathy scale for that?


  1. Thanks for your insightful participation and as always, I can recapture some of those lost moments I can never remember! "With two thumbs up says this guy"!

  2. Thanks for three plates of food, Miraval Rose, that tower of WPA caneles and more laughs than I can remember. Helluva hostess you are!