Monday, April 18, 2016

Someone Has to Look in on You

If I were a politician, I'd be accused of changing positions.

When I admit to my favorite millennial that I've left my taxes until today to complete, the reaction is immediate.

"The old Karen is rolling in her grave right now. I don't believe for one second that you haven't had an hour to file your taxes. I don't know who you are anymore."

The truth is, the old Karen would have gotten a refund but the new, self-employed Karen doesn't, so what's the rush?

After my long day in the garden yesterday, I'd picked up the phone and called a friend, suggesting we do something together last night, only to find that he was out of town. He messaged me as soon as he got back today.

"I'm still in shock that you called me on the telephone," he writes, complete with smiling emoji. Whole new me, huh? "Oh, I just thought I was special. Either way, I'll take it."

Who knew I could thrill with a phone call?

For the first time in my life, I'm wearing jewelry and not just my grandmother's ring, but necklaces and bracelets. A recent dinner companion did a double-take. "I thought you didn't wear jewelry?" he asks incredulously.

I didn't wear jewelry, but times change. I don't wear jeans, either, but that didn't stop some people from offering to buy me some.

On my walk today, I saw a girl in a pair of pants so groovy I stopped and complimented them, the third person to have done so, she said. Her boyfriend laughed when she told me where to get them, which I fully intend to do.

So if I start wearing pants for the first time in decades, what does that say about me?

According to the least romantic person I know, it's just one more brick in the wall. "I know you're a unique individual with superpowers. There. I've said it."

Am I? "Oh, yes, super. Definitely."

So I'm not as predictable as I once was. The important thing is, my position on using my powers for good remains the same.

That should reassure the old Karen from further rolling in her grave.

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