Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fast and Flurry-ous

Forget snow ice cream, here's my recipe for a snow day:

Head toward Belle Isle, umbrella overhead, meeting a couple of guys and their dogs frolicking on a hill near Tredegar along the way.

Fold in a snowy walk - a rare treat - across a bridge spanning the silvery James.

After wandering the island, meander back to Jackson Ward, stopping for a fried chicken biscuit at Saison market. It's Sunday, so fried chicken and biscuits is de rigueur where I come from.

Add in running into a friend who'd left for San Francisco two days after I got back and lose time comparing Mission notes, walking adventures and Gloria Ferrar stories.

Take time to savor La Lunotte's "Terra Incognito," a Sauvignon Blanc from 25-75 year old vines that tastes like butterscotch and lemon custard in a glass, as unlike a Sauvignon Blanc as any I've tasted.

Arrive home cold, only marginally wet and very satisfied. Serves: one.

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